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Faiths unite on slavery fight

A campaign to end modern slavery started by WA mining magnate and philanthropist Andrew Forrest's family has secured an historic agreement signed by the leaders of the world's religious faiths. 

Here's Where Modern-Day Slavery Is The Most Prevalent

The West African country of Mauritania has the most severe concentration of modern-day slaves, according to the new Global Slavery Index. Approximately 4% of Mauritania’s population, or 155,600 people, are enslaved. 

Embassy, Vatican Host Anti-Trafficking Event

In July, the US Embassy to the Holy See co-hosted with the Vatican a digital video conference on the Department's 2014 Anti-Trafficking in Persons Report. 

Church of England and Vatican congregate for cricket and charity

St Peter’s XI have embarked on ‘a spiritual venture’ in Britain for a game of contrasts between the two faiths in Canterbury 

Vatican v Anglican cricket match

find out what happened when the Vatican's first-ever cricket team took on a Church of England XI in a one-off match near Canterbury Cathedral. 

WATCH: Anglican XI beat Vatican in historic cricket match

Archbishop of Canterbury congratulates both sides after historic match to raise awareness of Anglican-Roman Catholic efforts to wipe out modern slavery. 

Christian unity and good causes: small steps, big results

The cricket match and subsequent dinner were in aid of the Global Freedom Network which is doing so much to bring faith leaders together to tackle human trafficking around the world.  

Ecumenismo e lotta alla tratta nell'incontro del Papa con il St. Peter’s Cricket Club

Papa Francesco ha ricevuto, in forma privata a Santa Marta, un gruppo di sacerdoti e seminaristi del St. Peter’s Cricket Club, provenienti da diverse Università e Collegi Pontifici a Roma, che il 19 settembre prossimo affronteranno a Canterbury una squadr 

St Peter’s XI v Archbishop of Canterbury’s XI

The first-ever cricket match between the Vatican and the Church of England takes place on Friday 19 September. The Twenty20 match is at the Spitfire Ground in Canterbury, courtesy of the Kent County Cricket Club. It begins at 4 p.m. and entry is free. (A  

Archbishop of Canterbury match in aid of human trafficking charity

The Archbishop of Canterbury will field a side to play against a Catholic team from the Vatican in a cross-faith charity match at The Spitfire Ground, St Lawrence next week. 

Pope Francis meets with members of St Peter's Cricket Club

Pope Francis met in the Vatican on Tuesday with members of St Peter’s Cricket Club who are preparing for their ‘Light of Faith Tour’ to England.  

Pope blesses Vatican cricket team ahead of tour

Pope Francis has blessed the Vatican’s cricket club ahead of the team’s first ever tour of England. 

Praying for victory: Vatican cricketers arrive in England for maiden tour

St Peter's cricket club receives private audience with Pope Francis just 10 days before facing a Church of England XI 

Pope Francis blesses Vatican cricket XI ahead of Anglican showdown

Pope signs the bat Vatican team will take with them during first-ever cricket tour of England, including match against team fielded by the Queen at Windsor Castle 

Archbishop joins multi-faith peace vigil for Iraq

Archbishop of Canterbury stands with other faith leaders in solidarity with the people of Iraq - affirming the message that #WeAreAllHuman. 

Anglican praise for anti-slavery measures

AUSTRALIAN mining billionaire Andrew Forrest's efforts to end slavery have drawn praise from the global head of the Anglican Church. 

Vatican Conference Advances International Efforts to Combat Trafficking

Almost lost in the Vatican Gardens, with St. Peter’s Basilica looming on one side and the Apostolic Palace on the other, the Casina Pio IV may be easily overlooked.  

Stepping Up Fight Against Human Trafficking at Core of Vatican Conference

The call to combat human trafficking was echoed again at the Vatican this week. Urging participants to step up the fight and support trafficking survivors, the Vatican held a video conference recalling the 1st World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. 

Pakistani governor supports Vatican's cricket team as it prepares for England tour

The Governor of Sindh province in Pakistan has given the Vatican cricket club money and cricket-bats ahead of its tour in England, and plans to send a leading Pakistani cricket player to coach the team in October 

Change of heart toward money called crucial in trafficking fight

At a Vatican conference held Tuesday to mark the World Day against Trafficking, a U.S. diplomat emphasized that the scourge will not be ended until the economic attitudes that lead to human trafficking are changed. 

Acting justly for 29 million people

Today, July 30, is the first observance of A United Nations Day against Trafficking in Persons, to hold before the world the plight of those who are enslaved or trafficked.  

Campaign against human trafficking must focus on victims, speakers say

Estimates of the number of people around the world who are victims of human trafficking are rising, partly because globalization has made it easier to move people and partly because governments, churches and international organizations are better at recog 

First ever World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

The first ever World Day against Trafficking in Persons was marked on Wednesday with a call to action to step up the fight and support the survivors of this modern form of slavery. 

Vatican hosts conference marking World Day against Trafficking

(Vatican Radio) The first World Day against Trafficking in Persons is being marked on Wednesday July 30th, with a call to action to step up the fight and support the survivors.  

Pope Francis joins fight against human trafficking

After having tried his hand last month at promoting peace in the Middle East, Pope Francis this week waded into another of the world’s seemingly intractable problems, in this case a booming illegal industry of trafficking in human beings. 

Human trafficking: responding to the Pope’s appeal

30 July is the UN World Day against Trafficking in Persons. To mark the event, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Vatican-based Global Freedom Network (an initiative of Pope Francis and Justin Welby) and the US Embassy to the Holy See hosted a round  

Stopping Human Trafficking and Slavery is the focus of the world’s faith leaders, business and governments

Stopping human trafficking and slavery is the work of the Global Freedom Network currently based in Rome, and it is an inspiring story that deserves enormous praise and support. It’s a new movement, created in the last three months, through the determina 

Pope Francis Tells Archbishop Welby: Our Division Is Scandal, Obstacle to Proclaiming the Gospel of Salvation

Pope Francis told the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby at a meeting on Monday that their division is a "scandal and an obstacle to our proclaiming the Gospel of salvation to the world," while both Church leaders expressed hopes to move forward in uni 

Catholics, Anglicans pledge to end slavery, trafficking

Vatican City: Catholic and Anglican leaders have pledged to try and rid their Churches of links to slavery and human trafficking which they describe as one of the most “devastating and crippling problems” facing people on the planet today. 

Catholic, Anglican Churches Confront Human Trafficking

Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby Join Forces 

Unity is distant but still our goal, Pope tells Anglican leader

Pope Francis has told the Archbishop of Canterbury that although unity is distant it is still their goal, during a meeting at the Vatican today. 

Catholics, Anglicans endorse work of Global Freedom Network

Catholic and Anglican leaders have pledged to try and rid their churches of any links to slavery and human trafficking which they describe as one of the most “devastating and crippling problems” facing people on the planet today. 

Pope, Anglican leader join forces against human trafficking

Pope Francis and Britain's Archbishop of Canterbury committed their Churches on Monday to work more closely together to fight "the grave evil" of human trafficking and modern slavery. 

Pope and archbishop of Canterbury jointly pledge to fight human trafficking, slavery

Pope Francis and the archbishop of Canterbury denounced human trafficking as a crime against human dignity Monday and pledged to combat it jointly 

Archbishop and Pope join forces to tackle people-trafficking

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is to meet the Pope in Rome later to discuss their project to combat people-trafficking and slavery. 

Religions unite over anti-slavery initiative

Forrest joined Amanpour in her London studio, along with Archbishop David Moxon of the Anglican Church and Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo of the Catholic Church. 

Faith leaders on agreement with Shia Ayatollah on anti-trafficking initiative

Andrew Forrest, founder of Walk Free, told CNN's Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday that Ayatollah Sistani, leader of the Shia Muslim faith, had signed up to a historic anti-trafficking initiative. 

'Twiggy' leads global anti-slavery crusade

Australian mining magnate Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest has revealed how a personal encounter with slavery led to an agreement between the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the head of Sunni Islam. The pact between the major religious figures is aimed at  

Anglicans, Roman Catholics and Muslims Sign Historic Agreement to Combat Human Trafficking, Slavery

For the first time in history, Roman Catholics, Anglicans and Muslims have joined forces in a project to "inspire practical and spiritual action" to combat modern slavery and human trafficking. 

Top religious leaders vow to end slavery in India

Three of the world's top religious leaders - Pope Francis of the Vatican, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Grand Imam of Al Azhar Dr Mahmoud Azab have joined hands in the biggest ever push to eradicate modern day slavery and human trafficking in  

Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest Has Brokered A Deal Between The Pope And Islamic Leaders To Try End Slavery

Australian mining magnate Andrew Forrest — with the support of the Pope and the senior Islamic authority — has launched the Global Freedom Network, an organisation established to end slavery around the world. 

Billionaire Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest fights to end global slavery

The terrified screams of a traumatised sex-trafficked teenager, witnessed by an Australian billionaire, have led to a history-making alliance between three of the world's major religions to end slavery. 

Christians, Muslims Join Anti-Slavery Campaign

Christians and Muslims have joined to try to help free millions of men, women and children held in modern-day slavery, forced to work as maids, prostitutes, child soldiers and manual laborers. 

Catholic and Anglican Churches unite for anti-slavery campaign

Anglican Church allies with the Vatican and Al-Azhar university in plan to stamp out the scourge of modern-day slavery, from sex trafficking to indentured labourers 

Andrew Forrest signs up religious forces to fight slavery and trafficking

Mining magnate joined by Pope Francis, archbishop of Canterbury and grand imam in Egypt in latest venture. 

El Papa y otras religiones firman un acuerdo para erradicar la esclavitud

Representantes de las principales confesiones religiosas han firmado un acuerdo para erradicar la "esclavitud moderna" y la trata de seres humanos en el mundo antes de 2020. Con este acuerdo, que se ha hecho público este lunes en el Vaticano, se presenta  

Líderes católico, anglicano e muçulmano sunita juntam-se contra a escravatura

Representantes das religiões católica, anglicana e islâmica assinaram hoje no Vaticano um acordo para erradicar até 2020 a escravatura moderna, que se estima afetar 30 milhões em todo o mundo, anunciou hoje o promotor da iniciativa. 

Christians and Muslims join forces to combat modern slavery

The Roman Catholic Church, Church of England and al-Azhar, the Cairo-based seat of Sunni Muslim learning, came together on Monday for a rare display of interfaith action among them in calling for an end to modern slavery within 20 years. 

Christians, Muslims join anti-slavery campaign

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Christians and Muslims have joined to try to help free millions of men, women and children held in modern-day slavery, forced to work as maids, prostitutes, child soldiers and manual laborers. 

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