Faith leaders of the world unite to end modern slavery.

Over 45 million people around the world are trapped in modern slavery , more than at any time in our history and in spite of the fact that slavery is illegal in almost every country. Those enslaved have had their rights and freedom stolen from them in horrendous circumstances. They are often subjected to abuse, both physical and mental, and are treated as commodities to be bought, sold and traded.

It is a problem that continues to grow, largely uncensored, and particularly in places where poverty and greed are different sides of the same coin. The moral, political and economic outcomes of modern slavery are pervading and harming countless societies and people.

This is set to change as the Global Freedom Network unites faith leaders from around the world to end modern slavery!


signed the Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders Against Modern Slavery


was trending at 4th in the world on social media following 2nd December 2014 launch

Facilitated the WORLD’S FIRST FATWA

condemning slavery; as well as the coming together of the World's major faith leaders