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Modern slavery is a global issue that affects every country in the world. The NGOs, multilateral institutions, government stakeholders, and law enforcement agencies working to combat it must be able to identify each other and connect across borders. Otherwise, opportunities for learning, sharing promising practices, and collecting critical data will not be fully realized.

An effective strategy to combat modern slavery requires a coordinated global response. A foundation to building this response is a comprehensive directory—one that identifies and describes each group in the world tackling aspects of modern slavery that wishes to be publicly known.

The Global Modern Slavery Directory is a collaborative effort led by Polaris, the Freedom Fund, and the Walk Free Foundation to build a resource for any organization or individual that seeks to identify and connect with the full range of actors working to end slavery across the globe. The Directory aims to map out the contours of the movement worldwide to enable more effective communication among stakeholders.

This first release of the Directory represents the efforts of multiple organizations that have contributed by engaging in thought leadership, sharing contact lists of member and partner organizations, and offering volunteer and staff time to verify organizations for inclusion in the directory.

To ensure that the Global Modern Slavery Directory is a dynamic resource that serves the field to its highest potential, your contribution is essential. To submit a new Directory entry, please share this link widely in your region or country so we can identify and include as many relevant partners as possible.

We envision that the Global Modern Slavery Directory will expand its capacity from this initial version to better to serve the freedom movement as it evolves. Your ideas are vital to craft the vision of how the Directory advances to build bridges of communication and action for eradicating modern slavery.

Please use the online form to submit comments and ideas about the Directory and how it can best serve the movement.

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