Supply Chain Auditing

Of the 30 million people estimated by the Global Slavery Index to be enslaved worldwide, the majority are victims of exploitation in private sector activities, such as manufacturing, construction and agriculture. Forced labour and slavery is big business. The illicit profit estimated by the ILO is 150 billion USD per annum.

Tackling Modern Slavery in Supply Chains: A Guide outlines step-by-step what companies can and must do to eliminate slavery from their business. The guide provides practical guidance and tools that businesses, governments, organisations and non-profits can start implementing immediately.

The Guide, published by the Walk Free Foundation, is intended to be used by organizations who want concrete guidance on how to reduce or eliminate risk of modern slavery occurring in their supply chains, either as direct or indirect result of their procurement practices. It’s also relevant to all governments, churches, faith-based agencies and any other type of organisation wishing to tackle slavery in their supply chains.

Please visit to download the Guide.

Businesses and organisations are also encouraged to download Walk Free’s flyer about Global Business Authentication.

Download the CSR Asia Report – Engaging with human rights through inclusive business practices


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The Global Freedom Network is a faith based global network with a vision and purpose to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking by 2020 throughout our world and for all time.

We will work together to make ours the last generation that has to fight the trade in human lives.